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Social Media Management 

We can manage social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Twitter. The packages below are

solely for management and do not include content creation. It is expected that the client provides the content when purchasing one of the social media management packages. If the client is unable to provide content, we suggest purchasing a separate service for content creation.


Please note: each social media management package requires a 2-3 week onboarding process to

perform a social media audit, brand strategy sessions and to establish the overall social media strategy

Now We're Rollin'
Social Media Management Package

Starting at $750.00/mo

Up to 3 Story post per week 

1 brand strategy session

Up to 1 social profile management  

Up to 3 scheduled feed posts per week

Account engagement for 3 days per week

Caption creation+ hashtag assistance (Up to 15 days worth)

*Social Media Ad Budget Is Not Included.*

Fully Loaded
Social Media Management Package

Starting at $1,500.00/mo

Up to 7 Story post per week 

Up to 2  brand strategy session

Up to 3 social profile management  

Up to 7 scheduled feed posts per week

Account engagement for 7 days per week

Caption creation + hashtag assistance (Up to 31 days worth)

*Social Media Ad Budget Is Not Included*

Content Creation Credit Plans

Got credit? Our new credit system allows our clients the chance to diversify their content on a monthly basis without

any price change. Ultimately, we want to better meet the needs of our clients when it come to content marketing. 


For example, if a client purchase 10 credits per month for a 3 month period. Each month they're not lock

in the same content creation services. The first month, if they need multiple flyer designs they can get 5 flyer designs

created in a month period. Whereas the second month, let's say the client is having an event and need content such as

Behind The Scenes footage, photos, and videos. They can then have an on-site content gathering session that month. Then

the third month if they need more reel videos created, we can create up to 3 edited reels that month. 

Select 1 of the following Credit Plans:

Please note each credit plan
includes 1 monthly Brand Strategy Session

10 credits per month


15 credits per month 


30 credits per month


Monthly Content Creation Services

Each service has a specific credit amount and can be
used to build a monthly content creation packages.  

1 Flyer Design (2 credits)


We would create a graphic to highlight brand services,

products, founder spotlight etc. 

1 Canva Template Update (2 credits)


We would update the information and content for a template via Canva.

1 Reel Video Edit (3 credits)


We would edit up to a 1 minute reel from content sent to us. 

1 On-Site Content Gathering Session (6 credits)


We would come to the desired location and gather 

2 hours worth of video and photo content. Also, we would send all

unedited photos/videos for branding and marketing usage. 



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