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How to submit information for a project?


Please fill out the proper form associated with the service you want. If you have any additional comments, pictures or uploads send them via email to (Add name/service in subject line). 

What is the payment process?

A majority of services can be paid in full via our website. If a specific service isn't in our shop section, you may receive an invoice via PayPal. Please note PayPal accepts major credit/debit cards. 


What payment methods do you accept at checkout?

We offer two forms of payment. The first form is credit or debit card. The second form is PayPal. 


Do you provide refunds?

Please understand that under no circumstance can a refund be given after the purchase. We suggest asking questions if need be prior to purchasing a service. 


How can we communicate with you?

All communication with MarkedBA will be done via email. Our team needs to have written communication to ensure both parties are on the same page. 


What are the Hours of operation?

MarkedBA operates Monday-Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, special accommodations can be made after 5:00pm. We

do not work on weekends or holidays. 


Do you post all of your work?

Yes, unless MarkedBA signs a NDA, the project is under our discretion to share on social media.

Are rush orders available?


Rush orders are case by case and range from $50 - $200 depending on the deadline. 


What's the standard turnaround time?


  • Banner Design:

    • 7 business days for initial mockup

  • Brand Identity Kit:

    • 10 business days for initial mockup

  • Business Card Design ONLY:  

    • 5 business days for initial mockup

  • eBook Design: 

    • 14 business days for initial mockup

  • Flyer Design: 

    • 5 business days for initial mockup

  • Logo Design:

    • 14 business days for initial mockup

  • Merchandise Design ONLY:

    • ​10 business days for initial mockup

  • Motion Graphics:

    • business days for initial mockup

  • On-Site Content Gathering: 

    • 7 business days for photo edits, 10 business days for video recap edits 

  • Reel Video Edit:

    • 7 business days for initial mockup

  • Social Media Templates:

    • 7 business days for initial mockup

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